Covid-19 Services Update

Dear Gardenside Christian Church Family, 

After much prayer we are pleased to announce that Gardenside Christian Church will resume in-person services on June 21st. We will have a special Father's Day / Family Day service with everyone together in the Sanctuary at 10:45 AM.  We will continue to offer a full live streaming version of our services online for those who believe it's safer at home right now.

While some things will be different, we worship together with singing and we will offer a time of communion (using prepackaged communion cups with wafers).  Our family service will include a recognition of our graduates, participation of our students and children, and an introduction of our new family minister, Keith Merritt and his family.  

We believe our Sunday morning services should be as full and complete as we have always done them.  We also believe that each of you are fully capable of making the right decisions for yourselves and for your family.  We fully understand there will be those with compromised health or other special situations who will make the decision to not attend in-person services yet.  We respect that decision and honor your wisdom.  We are responsible for making wise decisions about our health and also have a responsibility as believers to "love our neighbors as we love ourselves."

We would ask that when we gather together once again in person that you follow these common sense guidelines:

If you need to stay at home because you are in a high risk category..."please, stay at home!

If you have been sick, or if you are running a fever...."please, stay at home!"

Wash your hands, and use hand sanitizer

Take your temperature...and your family's's a good way to know if you have an infection.

Please be aware: 

If you desire to wear a mask, then please feel free to wear one (we will have masks available if you would like one)

If you want to practice social distancing please feel free to do so

If you want to shake hands or hug...ask first and be aware some will be uncomfortable with this

We will have copious amounts of hand sanitizer available

We will be offering bottled water instead of utilizing the water fountains

We have had professional cleaning of the sanctuary area by SERVPRO

At this time we will not be offering Sunday School classes

Again, all age groups will be together for this Father's Day / Family Day celebration.  Therefore, we will not be offering a separate children's service or nursery

Again, if you are not ready or feel the need to be cautious...please don't attend, yet.  We will be offering live streaming at 10:45 AM during our Sunday morning services.  We have invested deeply in this outreach ministry and believe it is done with excellence and with a lot of love.  

One of the things we ask each of you is that you please be considerate and kind toward those who make a different decision than you do.  We believe it is time for the Church to come back together for worship, encouragement and fellowship, but we know without a doubt that "the church is not a building."  Our ministry to the family of God here at Gardenside and our community has continued even when we have not been able to meet together in person.  Please, please refrain from judging others and criticizing them.   You do not know all that has gone into their decision making or all that they have been through or are going through.

Everyone must make the best decision they can for themselves and for their family and community.  The Church of Jesus Christ exists to be the salt, light and arms of love to our neighbors, community, and world. Gardenside Christian Church has, and will continue to do this.  In a world that is scared, torn, and divided....we still believe the blood of Christ is a balm and healing ointment to those who hurt the most.

With The Love of Christ,

The Leadership Team of Gardenside Christian Church

Rick, Dennis, Barron, Karl, Keith